6 Reasons You’re Struggling to Get Your Online Business Off the Ground - More of a Woman
6 Reasons You’re Struggling to Get Your Online Business Off the Ground

It’s not uncommon for confusion to replace enthusiasm when a budding entrepreneur comes to realize just how many moving parts there are in a successful online business. It’s all too easy to…

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Had someone told Cristobal Balenciaga that 78 years after he opened his namesake couture house, models would be strutting down the runway to Biggie Smalls, I’m not quite sure he would have believed them. But that was the reality of…

The More Advanced Version Of “Draping A Jacket Over Your Shoulders”

Most people will suffer inconveniences and discomfort for the ‘gram, but imagine what lengths fashion people go for the street style snap.

Selena Gomez: Revival Is The Best Revenge

Here is a young woman who, at just 23, has lived more than half her life in the spotlight, having grown up on the Disney series Wizards of Waverly Place. She’s famous around the world — and famously wary of reporters,…

Friends Of ITG Share Their Brow Selfies

Right now, ITG is all about the brow. In celebration of Glossier’s upcoming product launch, we’re hosting Brow Month—a time to explore where those arches have been, where they’re going, and how best to care for yours. Like everything else,…

Stick it to the Man! creator hid alpha for new game in Zombie Vikings

Stick it to the Man! and Zombie Vikings developer Zoink! is already working on a new game simply called FE, and you can play it right now if you own Zombie Vikings. The above video shows how to access the…

You can pre-load the Street Fighter V Wii beta now

The second Street Fighter V beta is scheduled to start this weekend, and if you happen to be a part of the Wii festivities, you can pre-load it now. Just redeem your code, head to Steam, and download the latest build,…

Avoiding assault and slavery now we are all cyborgs

It is a bold statement, but Balkan has a point: we already extend our biological capabilities through technology every single day, although this has yet to really impact how we see ourselves in relation to technology. Perhaps that needs to…

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