Certainly Not Who You Think You Are

It was a late evening call after work to check on Ibukun only to find myself listening to his office woes. In mid-sentence, he broke out, “Frances, am I this daft? Honestly, this man has so finished me that I…

Overcoming Your Fears

I dug my heels into the ground as I flared a free arm hoping to grab a piece of the railings or better a passer-by. Amidst laughter and embarrassments, he pulled my other arm. “Frannie, what’s the matter with you?…

Talking To A Professional Is An Act Of Self-Care

Have you ever mistakenly tried to use glue to stick something together? Not a glue stick, but real, hard, adhesive glue? I have, and it’s not comfortable. If you get your hand in the glue, it takes a lot of…

How Much Consciousness Does An Octopus Have?

Animals ranging from parrots to elephants continue to challenge our perception of consciousness, long-held as a uniquely human trait. But the reaches of consciousness don’t stop at animals. The ethics of consciousness, not just in humans but also animals and…

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