How To Stay Fit And Healthy At Work

Brian Tracy said “one of the daily habits of successful people is being health conscious”, meaning successful people never joke about their health no matter how busy they are. The average Nigerian spends over six hours trying to make ends…

Certainly Not Who You Think You Are

It was a late evening call after work to check on Ibukun only to find myself listening to his office woes. In mid-sentence, he broke out, “Frances, am I this daft? Honestly, this man has so finished me that I…

Overcoming Your Fears

I dug my heels into the ground as I flared a free arm hoping to grab a piece of the railings or better a passer-by. Amidst laughter and embarrassments, he pulled my other arm. “Frannie, what’s the matter with you?…

Talking To A Professional Is An Act Of Self-Care

Have you ever mistakenly tried to use glue to stick something together? Not a glue stick, but real, hard, adhesive glue? I have, and it’s not comfortable. If you get your hand in the glue, it takes a lot of…

Facebook satellite to beam internet to remote regions in Africa

Mark Zuckerberg details plans on how company is ‘exploring ways to use aircraft and satellites to beam internet access down into communities from the sky’ I had gone but a short distance further when what seemed to be an excellent…

Next generation gadgets for kids: foam furniture, city turds

This simple, lightweight chair is made by slotting together flat sections of plywood. These are then pulled together by fastening elements for a more ergonomic, curved shape. Constructed from recycled cardboard that’s been processed into a pulp, then coloured with natural dyes,…

Kate Hudson stripped down to nothing but her bra and underwear on Instagram on Tuesday

The actress put her smokin’ hot body on display, writing, “This little bra and boyshort with little tiny hearts all over it. She’s been on a roll on social media lately

4+ Hot Professional Surfers We Want to Catch a Wave With

Whether you grew up on Endless Summer, Point Break, Blue Crush, or Johnny Tsunami, chances are, there was a point in your life when you dreamed of surfing.

The Runway Trend That Doesn’t Require Getting Dressed In The Morning

Had someone told Cristobal Balenciaga that 78 years after he opened his namesake couture house, models would be strutting down the runway to Biggie Smalls, I’m not quite sure he would have believed them. But that was the reality of…

Selena Gomez: Revival Is The Best Revenge

Here is a young woman who, at just 23, has lived more than half her life in the spotlight, having grown up on the Disney series Wizards of Waverly Place. She’s famous around the world — and famously wary of reporters,…

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