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7 Lifestyles That Will Be Beneficial To You As a Small Business Owner

1. Praying:  I am not trying to sound spiritual here (which isn’t bad) but in my journey as an entrepreneur, I have experienced the essence of God in my life. You can only do your best as a human being…

6 Online Jobs You Can Do Right From Your Bed Room

This isn’t a shade in any way to Damilola Daniel Nejo. I admire the young man’s strength but in actual fact, this post is to help you get a life that you will love and admire. If you are like me who has…

How My Boyfriends Helped Mold Who I Am Today (pt 11)

What I found out wasn’t good. He was having an affair with other girls. Their names and personality, I didn’t even care to know. I confronted him about it and I was given two conditions – by him Stay and…

How My Boyfriends Helped Mold Who I Am Today (pt 10)

We had been friends for 8 years. He was there right from the time of Henry but I wouldn’t give him a chance. He didn’t like it. He asked me why I treated him the way I did and honestly…

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