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The Big Lie of Small Business
Discovering & Fulfilling Purpose with Jimi Tewe -More of a woman
Discovering & Fulfilling Purpose
The Mindset Of The Rich Vs Poor with Lanre Olusola - More Of A Woman
The Mindset Of The Rich Vs Poor
Life Lessons From 100 year olds - More of a woman
Life Lessons From 100-Year-Olds
How To Control Your Mind (USE THIS to Brainwash Yourself) by Dandapani - More Of A Woman
How To Control Your Mind (USE THIS to Brainwash Yourself)
Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfrotable with Luvvie Ajayi - More Of A Woman
Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable
Alternatives To Cane In A Nigerian Household - More Of A Woman -

10 Alternatives To Cane In A Nigerian Household

Back to the Future: Science fiction turns science fact

One of the technological innovations presented in this film was a huge 3D display. As…

Twitter’s new CEO is Jack Dorsey

My first knowledge that I was on the wrong trail came when I heard the…

10 Alternatives To Cane In A Nigerian Household

There’s a popular saying on social media that if the use of cane or its alternatives in Nigerian households became a punishable or jailable offence, it would probably take less than a week for us to have more Nigerian mother’s…

Getting The Perfect Surprise Gifts For Him

Yes, Men Like Gifts Too, Even When They Appear To Have Everything February 14, 2021, would have been another Sunday for me if I had gone to church; but it was simply an extension of my stressful Saturday. Sadly, I…

How To Stay Fit And Healthy At Work

Brian Tracy said “one of the daily habits of successful people is being health conscious”, meaning successful people never joke about their health no matter how busy they are. The average Nigerian spends over six hours trying to make ends…

The Untapped Wealth In The African Fashion Industry

With the likes of the African Fashion Week, The Lagos Fashion Week, GTB Fashion Weekend and the Nigerian Students Fashion and Design Week, the African fashion industry has, to say the least, garnered global recognition. Nigeria hosts about half a…

Financial Pitfalls to Avoid When Building Wealth

Forbes last year reported that 11% of billionaires dropped out of the ranks. Arecord 994 or 46%, became poorer (relatively speaking) than they were lastyear; the most since 2009. This occurred at the height of the global financialcrisis. Contrary to…

Certainly Not Who You Think You Are

It was a late evening call after work to check on Ibukun only to find myself listening to his office woes. In mid-sentence, he broke out, “Frances, am I this daft? Honestly, this man has so finished me that I…

Overcoming Your Fears

I dug my heels into the ground as I flared a free arm hoping to grab a piece of the railings or better a passer-by. Amidst laughter and embarrassments, he pulled my other arm. “Frannie, what’s the matter with you?…

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